about us

About us

Theni Gurukrishna Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd., the textile mill promoted by the ATK Group, is located in Theni, South India, and was started in 1992. Since then it has strengthened its production infrastructure spread across spinning, textile processing and weaving, covering almost full range of the activities of textile industry, from raw cotton to ready to wear garments.


In Spinning, the installed spindle age of the company is 34,000 with more to be added with ongoing capacity expansion program. We have installed Suessen Elite compact spinning machine to offer compact yarn of various counts. All yarns are wound on the latest Murata 21C Autoconers. Our new Rieter Open-End Spinning technology has been strengthened with in-built automatic yarn length and quality monitoring devices. The company has a state of the art Yarn testing facility and is planning to strengthen the quality assurance by adding sophisticated lab equipments and online monitoring facilities.

Cotton and PolyCotton Ring Spinning - 34,000 spindles
Compact Spinning – 8100 spindles
Open End Spinning – 1800 Rotors (under expansion)
TFO yarn Doubling division – 1500 drums

We have also established Polyester Air-Jet Spinning with Murata Jet Spinning technology and this air-jet division is currently being enhanced with start-of-the-art Murata Vortex Spinning machines.


In Weaving division presently fitted with High Speed Dobby and Cam looms 81 projectile looms (390 to 180 cms width), 75 Ruti C shuttle looms( 220, 180 & 120cms) and 4 AirJet Piconal (190 cms), 12 AirJet Tsudokoma (360 cms) and Novapignone Rapier looms (190cms), will soon have more modern looms which will enhance its fabric production from the current 3.5 lakh meters a month to 1 million meters. The company also has in-house world class Beninger warping & sizing and processing capacities. This has helped the company to scatter to growing export market and specialized in industrial fabrics and blankets for medical applications.


We have a World class Stitching and Finishing equipped with high utility imported sewing machines.

Auto Mechanical cutting for high productivity
Stitching seat capacity of 300 machines
High range automatic utility machines
Fabric Raising Machine


Our Processing division includes 150 tones fabric bleaching capacity with 105 inches, 8-color rotary printing unit.


The company's professionalism in operations, ethical motives and right technology has enabled it to achieve the scale of operation and cost competitiveness. With years of experience and expertise, we are confident of offering our customers quality textile product, whether it is yarn, fabric or the finished garment.